An Apple Fritter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Hello Connie’s fans,

It’s been a while, but our Humans of Connie’s are back to introduce you to their favorite Connie’s goodies and the magic that draws them to our small, but mighty bakery.

Meet Corey Cochran, during the day, or Dixie Deveraux at night, when he moonlights as an incredibly funny and talented drag queen. To meet Dixie, don’t miss Showgirls on Mondays. To meet Corey, read further.

Except on his days off, Corey does not miss to visit us in the morning. We are there for him when he needs to wake up with our delicious iced Speedwell coffee (and a refill later in the day). To give him extra strength to get through a busy day of work at Full Kit Gear, we send him off with our delicious and humongous apple fritters that he thinks are “just the best.” It’s not only Corey who thinks so. Our apple fritters have been one of our most popular items this season. So if you crave one, come earlier in the mornings.

We are always happy to see Corey in the afternoons as well. He stops by for our variety of fudgy brownies, but loves our M&M and cream cheese ones the most. If these do not work for you, we often make classic plain or walnut brownies. If you are in adventurous mood, we make peanut butter, raspberry cream cheese and plethora of other specialty brownies to satisfy any sweet tooth.

“The pastries are fantastic, the people are friendly and it doesn’t hurt it’s [Connie’s] across from my work,” Corey says with the usual coffee and pastry in hand. We enjoy his great energy just as much he enjoys our pastries. 

Follow Corey’s example. Stop by Connie’s Bakery for his favorite goodies or find your own; our selection is vast and it doesn’t stop at pastries. We offer tasty breakfast sandwiches and nourishing lunch options.

Our end note to this post is some words of wisdom from mamma Deveraux that Corey wanted to share, “This sh** don’t sparkle for free.”

See you soon, humans of Connie’s!




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