The Neighborhood Bakery

Hey there, sugar fans!

Have you missed the humans of Connie’s? We know you have. It’s about time you met the next ones.

IMG_5022Let us introduce you to Ed and Barbara. They have been coming to the Bakery for a “number of years,”  as they said, having a hard time counting the summers past.

You can usually see them at breakfast time and hear their customary order: two cups of coffee from Connie’s delicious New Harvest selection; our breakfast sandwich The Works – two eggs, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, caramelized onions, spinach and (of course) bacon on a bread of the customer’s choice, for Ed, and scrambled eggs on a bed of mixed greens for Barbara.

“I can get something gluten-free, which I cannot get at many places,” is Barbara’s reason to come for breakfast at Connie’s.

Besides the breakfast sandwiches, Ed also enjoys our popular blueberry muffins. They always come in a pair with a daily muffin special, which can be raspberry-almond, banana-chocolate chip, Morning Glory (carrots, cinnamon, almonds and craisins) and many more. Any of those will make your morning better with their soft texture and the mouthful of yummy fillings. _MG_0014

So stop by at Connie’s bakery and join Barbara and Ed for a coffee, a breakfast sandwich and a little treat to feel the spirit of the place, which according to the lovely couple is, “an old-fashioned bakery, which reminds us of the ‘neighborhood bakery.'”

In the meantime, see you soon with more humans of Connie’s!


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