Hello again to those of you who have a sweet tooth!

_MG_0146Next, we want to introduce you to Crazy (as she likes to be referred to) Jenn; the double “n” is quite important to her.

Jenn works at the The Human Rights Campaign store in the Provincetown Aquarium Mall. She visits Connie’s almost every day. The top selling pastry we offer her are our scones. Jenn likes her scones just right, and with her golden hair she reminds us of Goldilocks, especially in a town where bears are adored. Since we see her so often, we can say that our scones are “just right.”

At Connie’s Bakery you can find freshly baked scones every day. Flavors vary so we keep you on your toes. Some days you can find cranberry-orange, others – lemon-poppy, and sometimes we really mix things up and offer you a tasty, savory scone with bacon, chive and cheddar. There are many more flavors we have up our sleeve, so you’ll have to stop by to see what they are._MG_0138

When you come over, don’t be surprised if you see our regular Goldilocks, who might strike up a conversation with you and brighten up your morning with a joke or two. Besides the obvious logistical ease of coming to Connie’s for breakfast or lunch, Jenn said she likes to come “for the sugar rush.” She finds Shane’s international staff wonderful and like a family.

See you soon with the next human of Connie’s!


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