Why Humans of Connie’s?

Connie’s Bakery has been offering fresh baked goods, made from scratch and by hand, since 1979 when Connie O’Meara and Richard Goldberg started off with a small retail counter in the Lobster Pot Restaurant.

In 1985 Connie and Richie moved the bakery to Vermont and opened a successful restaurant called Mary B’s Tables. However, nine years after, they returned to Provincetown and re-opened Connie’s Bakery in this little piece of heaven.

Twenty-five years later, Connie’s Bakery continues to indulge the sweet tooth of Provincetown’s residents, visitors and surrounding communities at its current location in downtown Provincetown.

More importantly, 25 years later people keep returning to Connie’s for their favorite delights that they used to buy 30, 20, 10, 5 or 1 year ago.

Many of these people have their own personal stories behind their loyalty to Connie’s. Many of the people who work and have worked there do as well.

We want you to get acquainted not only with the pastries and other goodies, but with the humans of Connie’s too.

We decided to introduce this blog as we introduce a little re-branding of Connie’s Bakery (with a new logo) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Connie’s.

Stay tuned for the stories to be told! We promise it will be a treat for the eyes as well!


Connie Logo 4 inverse minimal (1)

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