Shane Is The New Connie

Hey there, strangers, soon to be friends!

Before we introduce you to any other human of Connie’s, we need to get you acquainted to Shane, the new Connie, as many refer to him.

IMG_5007Shane started at the Bakery in 2008. He worked closely with Richie, Connie and their daughter Liz for five years to learn all there was to know about the place and eventually became its Manager. In 2012, Richie and Connie decided to retire so they passed on their legacy to their friend Shane.

He is a Pastry Arts graduate, but his passion for baking originated much earlier, in his teenage years. Baking was a passion and a pastime he shared with his grandmother, an antique shop owner.

Shane’s favorite pastry to make is the scone. He loves its look. His favorite temptation originally was the cranberry crumb bar – a combination of crunchy crust and crumbly topping, sandwiching fresh cranberries. Now, he can’t pinpoint just one favorite thing on Connie’s menu.

Shane loves spoonfuls of our chocolate ganache or a few bites of our house-made multi-grain bread, taken right out of the oven. He often has a hard time resisting our brownies because our selection of them changes as often as his taste.

The brownies at Connie’s can suit any mood. Sometimes you might be able to enjoy a more traditional walnut brownie, other days you might have the chance to indulge in a s’mores brownie or in one with a chocolate chip cookie inside. In any case, you’ll love the rich taste and gooey heart of each and every one of them._MG_0075

Stop by and share one with Shane! Like any dedicated baker, he is often around. He shared what he loves about Connie’s, “I like seeing customers’ reactions when they find something in there that they like; the appreciation that they have for something that I worked hard on.”

For that reason, through this blog we will introduce you to many appreciative visitors in the future. We hope you’ll become one too!

See you soon with the next human of Connie’s!


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